#DiasporaVote! inclusive Conference on the Future of Europe Initiative

The European Commission states that the Conference on the future of Europe « aims to reflect our diversity, and to bring Europe beyond its capital cities, reaching every corner of the EU, strengthening the link between Europeans and the institutions that serve them. »[1] That goal goes in pair with #DiasporaVote! which aims to include the diasporas of Europe in matters concerning the EU by making it understandable and reachable.

In cooperation with local diaspora organisations and  European Commission National Representation, we are co-organisating a series of events locally to encourage and ensure that racialized people engage in the Conference on the Future of Europe and 1 transnational event in Brussels.

We want to create spaces and opportunities where racialized Europeans can give their inputs on the Future of Europe. The outcome would be recommendations/ideas to be published on the Conference on the Future of Europe website as well as to be presented to EU representatives.

[1] https://ec.europa.eu/info/strategy/priorities-2019-2024/new-push-european-democracy/conference-future-europe_en



The Face of Europe is a digital online campaign, which has for aims to showcase the Face of Europe, to put on display faces of Europe which are never associated or linked with Europe.

Between the lack of representation in the EU institutions, the rise of racism and discrimination inside the Union, to counter the hate, we decided that it was important to become more visible and take space.

This campaign is closely linked and it is a response to the attacks our EYE21 delegation had to face but also it is also and should be taken as one of our contributions in regards to the conference on the future of Europe (see below for more information).

So every Wednesday on Instagram and Twitter join us to discover who will be the Face of Europe. Don’t forget to like and share.

P.S: all of “The Face Of Europe” are anonymous, we do not display people names.

Want to support or join our campaign?

  • Like & Share
  • Send us a profile picture of yourself in front of any European, national, or local building by email at diasporavoteupdates@gmail.com and put it as a subject: The Face of Europe
  • You are in Brussels? Well stay alert for the chance to have your professional photo taken in from of one of the EU institutions
  • Publish your own face online using the #TheFaceOfEurope and tag-us


23th June: Epiphanie from Team Environment represented #DiasporaVote! at the “Diaspora and Green Transitions: Research Agenda” panel at the EUDIF Future Forum. Discover the recap of the panel below.

17th June: After a few months of work on their recommandation, the Human Rights team met with INTPA, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships. During that meeting, they got to learn from the INTPA’s aimed at the youth in Europe such as the Youth Sounding Board and AU-EU summit. The team got to present their work on the GSP+ and the recommendations they presented to their MEP, Marie Arena.

17th of June: They met Michaela Moua, the first EU anti-racism coordinator. This historic exchange gave them a clearer understanding of her role and objectives. But also, thanks to her experience as an activist, she was able to give them sound advice on their proposals.

18th of June: They had an exchange with EQUINOX, the initiative for racial justice for all people in Europe. This meeting allowed the youth to create an alliance with a European organisation but also to have an additional support in their work. A great opportunity that taught them not to be afraid to ask for the moon!

1st of July: The Human Rights team met with Suleman Ghani, who was instrumental in negotiating the current GSP for Pakistan. He gave them a new perspective on their recommendation to avoid a Eurocentric view.

19th July : The #DiasporaVote! is also and above all a group of young people committed to the fight against discrimination. In this press release, the youth of the intergroup #HandsOffMyHijab call for vigilance on the discriminatory scope of the French bill against separatism.



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