The voice of diaspora in Europe.




Our goal is to encourage racialised individuals in Europe to show interest in the development of EU policies and be the voice of their community at a higher level.
In other words, we want them to be more active in politics and vote!

#DiasporaVote! was created in 2018 to counter the lack of recognition and adapted regulations towards the issues faced by ethnic minorities at EU level.
Though they are European citizens and part of Europe as a whole, these minority groups remain at the bottom of the priorities of the EU agenda.

Racism, exclusion, invisibility, discrimination, … so many issues faced by minorities in Europe and that need to be seen through the lens of intersectionality to be properly solved. Not only should these issues be discussed within the local communities but they should also be addressed where global decisions are made : at a European level.


Making sure the diaspora is part of Europe’s development


We are driven by our vision of a Europe where more opportunities and consideration is giving to the members of the diaspora in the making of European policies.


We aim at becoming a refernece for all the diaspora members willing to learn about the the European institutions, how they impact our daily lives and provide opportunities to the youths.


Discover how we turn our vision into concrete actions

Events & Campaigns

The page will provide you with upcoming events and information our campaigns on how to take part in them.

Press Releases

The page will provide you with #DiasporaVote! Statements and call-out

Education 2.0

We believe in peers to peers learning and learning by doing. Listen to our #DiasporaVote! youth and learn with them. Below you will find weekly content and explanation on the EU and on the various legislation they are working on.


The faces behind #DiasporaVote!

Celine Fabrequette

The One That Gets the Job Done

Leslie Mbarushimana

The Other One That Gets the Job Done (or Communication intern)



“Ce qui m’a donné envie de participer à l’expérience #DiasporaVote! est que j’ai trouvé le projet utile et nécessaire. L’UE a une place assez prépondérante dans la production législative des pays des états membres.

Il manquait un organisme semblable à #DiasporaVote ! pour impliquer et réunir les différentes diasporas dans ce paysage. Une force directrice qui puisse unir et rassembler et représenter.
Je suis ravie de faire partie de l’expérience.”

Tracy Mika

“I joined #DiasporaVote! because transmitting knowledge, encouraging mental change that leads to concrete societal impact is part of our duty of remembrance.
🌍 Proverb – It takes a village to raise a child.”

Aziza Braekevelt

“For me #DiasporaVote! describes the core of what democracy should mean: active and vivid participation in democratic processes that affect all of us on a daily scale.

Not everyone has the aspiration or equal possibility to end up in a political position, but everyone should be able to raise their voice, be acknowledged and share their ideas to contribute to a just and all-embedding society.”


‘The opportunity to become a mentor for inaugural class of #DiasporaVote! was one I couldn’t pass.
Having worked in the Brussels bubble previously, I wanted to use my experience to help the future leaders navigate their ideas in policy formulation, encourage their authenticity and ensure that they constantly had a cheerleader to remind them that their voice, opinion and experience as youth is valid.

My role is not simply to impart professional experience but to ensure the whole person finds content in their work by creating balance and respect within the team. ‘’

June Lacour

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